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Achieve a Perfect Smile With Teeth Whitening

Do you miss your white smile? Thanks to teeth whitening, one of the cosmetic dentistry services offered by your Ann Arbor, MI, dentist, Dr. Gary Bloomfield, your dull smile will soon be a distant memory.

Whitening offers important smile benefits

It's much easier to feel confident when you're not worried about tooth stains. Unfortunately, stains affect most of us sooner or later. Stains are caused by dark pigments found in coffee, tea, cola, berries, and other foods and beverages that become trapped in your tooth enamel. As the pigments accumulate, your smile becomes progressively duller. Tobacco use can also be a factor. If you've smoked for years, you've probably noticed that your teeth are noticeably yellower.

Whitening your teeth at our office in Ann Abor not only increases your self-confidence but may also help you look more youthful. Do you have a major event coming up? Whitening helps you look your best for weddings, proms, and job interviews.

How does whitening work?

Whitening involves these steps:

  • Teeth Cleaning: If it's been a while since your teeth have been cleaned, a cleaning may be the first step. Whitening agents can't penetrate tartar and plaque, which could leave your teeth looking a little speckled if your teeth aren't clean before you whiten.
  • Safety Precautions: Ensuring your comfort is a priority during your teeth whitening visit to the Ann Arbor dental office. A protective gel will be applied to your gums, and plastic retractors placed in your mouth will prevent your lips and cheeks from coming in contact with whitening gel.
  • Application of the Whitening Gel: Whitening gel is applied with a brush in just a few minutes. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide, a natural whitener that breaks apart the dark pigments in your enamel. At the end of the hour-long whitening process, the gel will be removed, revealing your newly brightened teeth.

Whitened teeth usually remain whiter for two to three years or more. You can extend your results by limiting the amount of darkly pigmented foods and beverages you eat and drink, quitting smoking, and touching up your teeth occasionally with a take-home whitening kit.

Renew your smile with teeth whitening! Call your dentist in Ann Arbor, MI, Dr. Gary Bloomfield, at (734) 971-2310 to schedule an appointment.

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